Is Urgent Care the Same as a Walk-in Clinic?

Is Urgent Care the Same as a Walk-in Clinic?

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Is Urgent Care the Same as a Walk-in Clinic? PrimeHealth Urgent Care
Is Urgent Care the Same as a Walk-in Clinic? PrimeHealth Urgent Care

Table of Contents:

What is the difference between a walk-in clinic and urgent care?
What does Urgent Care Treat?
What is considered a walk-in clinic?
What’s more expensive, urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

An urgent care clinic is a medical facility that focuses on providing immediate medical care, such as the diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. These clinics are equipped with the latest equipment and staffed with top-rated medical professionals, providing patients with high-quality care for a diverse set of needs. Urgent care clinics typically accept walk-in appointments, providing care on a first-come, first-served basis, eliminating the need to schedule an appointment beforehand.

What is the difference between a walk-in clinic and urgent care?

Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers share many similarities, which is why it is easy to confuse the two. However, there are important distinctions that set these two clinics apart, including:

•  Walk-in clinics typically employ staff with fewer degrees and medical licenses, such as a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant; urgent care clinics are generally supervised by a physician or other licensed doctor.

•  Because of the difference in qualifications, urgent care clinics can offer a wider number of services, treatments, and diagnostics; walk-in clinics can provide care for fewer conditions and often do not have access to lab services.

What does Urgent Care Treat?

Urgent care clinics are equipped to handle a wide number of medical concerns, from the treatment of acute injuries to the management of chronic conditions. These clinics specialize in providing care for urgent medical situations that are not serious enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room and are best utilized when a patient’s primary care physician is not available. While the list of ailments that an urgent care can treat varies from location to location, at PrimeHealth Urgent Care, we can treat the following:
•  Abdominal Pain
•  Abscess Incision and Drainage
•  Acid Reflux
•  Acne
•  Arthritis
•  Athlete’s Foot
•  Athletic Injuries
•  Bladder Infection
•  Bronchitis
•  BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)
•  Canker Sores
•  Chlamydia
•  Cough
•  Diabetes
•  Dizziness
•  Ear Infections
•  Earache
•  Falls
•  Fatigue
•  Fever
•  Flu
•  Foreign Body Removal From Eyes, Ears, Nose
•  Fractures
•  Genital Sores
•  Gonorrhea
•  Gout Treatment
•  Heart Failure
•  Heartburn and Indigestion
•  Herpes
•  High Blood Pressure
•  High Cholesterol
•  HIV Pre- or Post-Exposure Treatment
•  Impetigo
•  Joint Pain
•  Kidney Stones
•  Malaria
•  Menstrual Pain
•  Migraine Headaches
•  Minor Burns
•  Mononucleosis (Mono)
•  Motion Sickness
•  Mouth and Oral Pain
•  Muscle Aches
•  Nasal Congestion
•  Oral Sores
•  Pink Eye
•  Pneumonia
•  Poison Ivy and Poison oak
•  Rash
•  Ringworm
•  Shingles
•  Sinus Infection
•  Skin Irritation
•  Sore Throat
•  Splinter Removal
•  Sprains & Strains
•  Stomach Ulcer
•  Styes
•  Sunburn
•  Suturing of Minor Lacerations and Cuts
•  Tick Removal
•  Tinnitus
•  Trichomoniasis
•  Tuberculosis
•  Upper Respiratory Infections
•  Upset Stomach
•  Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections
•  Wounds
We also provide the following services:

•  A1C Test
•  Administrative Physical
•  Camp Physical
•  Cholesterol Screening
•  College Physical
•  Drug Testing
•  EKGs
•  Employment Physical
•  Family Medicine
•  Flu Shots
•  General Medical Exam
•  Nebulizer Treatment
•  Pain Management
•  Pelvic Exams
•  Preventative Care
•  Smoking Cessation
•  Titers and Immunity Testing
•  Vaccinations and Shots
•  X-rays

What is considered a walk-in clinic?

A walk-in clinic is any type of clinic that accepts walk-in appointments, including urgent care, retail clinics (found in supermarkets and pharmacies), and hospitals.

What’s more expensive, urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

While urgent care and walk-in clinics provide similar services and conveniences, there are often slight differences in the cost of care. Walk-in clinics were originally designed to provide affordable care to people without insurance, and they have largely maintained this aspect. The care provided at urgent care clinics, while still more affordable than hospital visits, typically costs more than the care provided at a walk-in clinic when treating the same condition. This difference in price is due to the qualifications of the staff, the treatments offered, and the medical equipment available onsite.
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