Fractures, Sprains, and Strains Treatment Questions and Answers

PrimeHealth Urgent Care is your emergency care alternative in Parrish, FL. If you need treatment for sprains, strains or broken ankles walk-in today! We also provide x-ray services on a walk-in basis so our doctors can properly diagnose your injury. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online

Fractures, Sprains, and Strains Treatment Near Me in Parrish, FL
Fractures, Sprains, and Strains Treatment Near Me in Parrish, FL

If you or a loved one has a minor injury like a minor fracture, then you’ll want to have it x-rayed, diagnosed and treated quickly and properly. Otherwise, the injury can worsen and become more serious. For minor emergencies like these, urgent care is more than just a convenience, it’s a necessity.

PrimeHealth Urgent Care provides fractures, sprains, and strains medical services in Parrish, FL. If you live in the area or surrounding areas, then come right to us if you or someone you love needs quick care for a minor injury.

What is a bone fracture vs break? What are the types of fractures?

A bone fracture and a bone break are the exact same thing, but there are different types of fractures/breaks, and they vary in severity. There are several different types of fractures:

  • Stable fractures – The broken parts of a bone are only slightly misaligned
  • Transverse fracture – A kind of fracture with a horizontal fracture line
  • Oblique fracture – A kind of fracture with an angled pattern
  • Comminuted fracture – The bone has shattered into pieces in a certain place
  • Open, compound fractures – The bone is piercing the skin, or is visible through a wound in the skin

Open, compound fractures are serious and even life-threatening. If you or someone you know has one of these fractures, then you must call 911 and seek emergency care. For any other type of fracture, you can come to an urgent care clinic instead.

An x-ray is required to properly diagnose the type of fracture, and we can provide this service as well as minor fracture treatment here at our clinic.

What causes a sprain? How long can it take a sprain to heal?

A sprain is usually caused by an injury like twisting your ankle. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched or torn, and can be minor or serious, depending on the symptoms and the severity of the damage. Generally, a sprain isn’t so serious that it requires a trip to the ER (emergency room). However, it can take a sprain a long time to heal (about 4 to 6 weeks) unless it is treated properly by a professional, like our professionals here at PrimeHealth Urgent Care.

Most common types of sprains we see and treat here at our clinic are:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Sprained thumbs
  • Sprained wrists
  • Sprained knees

What is the difference between a sprain and a strain, and what is a strain injury?

A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament, while a strain is a stretched or pulled tendon. With a strain, the tendon can be pulled away from the bone, which can be painful and take a while to heal.

Both sprains and strains can have similar causes and symptoms, so they can be difficult to self-diagnose. It’s much, much better to have your strain or sprain diagnosed by a professional. A professional can also treat you properly to help the injury heal more quickly and effectively. Also, a professional can provide prescription pain medication to help you manage the pain, if necessary.

Where can I get fractures, sprains, and strains treatment in Parrish, FL?

Come right over to us here at PrimeHealth Urgent Care! We have an onsite X-ray machine to provide us with digital X-rays for advanced diagnoses, and we can provide a number of treatment options, as well as prescriptions for pain medications, to help you get back to your regular activities. We are a walk-in clinic, so you won’t have to worry about booking an appointment with us. You can simply come right in for immediate care.

Our clinic is located at Parkwood Square Shopping Center 8927 US Hwy 301 N, Suite 210, Parrish, FL 34219 and we are open evenings and weekends to serve you and your family better. You can find directions here. We look forward to helping you with your injury here at PrimeHealth Urgent Care! We serve patients from Parrish FL, Ellenton FL, Bradenton FL, Palmetto FL, Lakewood Ranch FL, Sarasota FL, Sun City FL, and Wimauma FL.

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