Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine: Treatment and Prevention

Protecting Your Well-Being at Work

PrimeHealth Urgent Care has the necessary technology and knowledge to ensure a full recovery is reached after a work-related injury. In Bradenton, Parrish, and Sarasota, FL, our goal is to maximize the recovery of the employee and minimize the loss to the employer. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience, no appointment is necessary!
Save Your Spot in Line
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The Benefits of Occupational Medicine

Staying Healthy on the Job

PrimeHealth Urgent Care offers a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient, documentation, and monitoring of the patient's condition, and communication with the employer. A recommendation will be given for follow-up appointments, specialist referrals, and any restrictions suggested for the patient until full recovery is established.
  • Decrease in Injury/Illness
  • Convenient Treatment
  • Preventative Planning
  • Maximized Safety
  • Health Protection
  • Peace of Mind
  • Cost Savings
  • Quick Care

The Care You Need When You Need It Most

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine is designed to help employees and workers of every industry stay safe and healthy while on the job. Our occupational medicine services allow you to get treatment for injuries and illnesses caused by your working environment. This area of medicine also allows our professionals to help you prevent future injuries and illnesses.

Rely on Our Medical Professionals

When you visit PrimeHealth Urgent Care, our team will work quickly to get you seen and treated. We are fully equipped with the necessary imaging tools and technology to identify, diagnose, and treat work-related illnesses or injuries that you may be experiencing.