EKG Testing & On-Site X-Ray Services

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EKGs & X-Ray Services in Bradenton, Parrish, and Sarasota, FL

Some injuries, pain, and symptoms are not easily diagnosable. Our state-of-the-art equipment can help our emergency-trained professionals take a deep dive into your health! Our PrimeHealth Urgent Care clinics provide on-site EKG testing and Digital X-ray services in Bradenton, Parrish, and Sarasota, FL.
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If you have experienced an injury or are experiencing pain of unknown origin, visit a PrimeHealth Urgent Care clinic near you for digital imaging or EKG testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Our walk-in clinics are open 7 days a week for your convenience and accept most major insurance plans.

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What Is an EKG?

EKG stands for electrocardiogram, which is a simple and painless test that evaluates your heart’s electrical activity. This test allows our team to quickly detect heart problems and monitor the heart's health. We can assess your heart rhythm for irregular heartbeat patterns. We can diagnose poor blood flow, abnormalities of your heart, heart damage, and other cardiac conditions.

What Are X-Rays Used For?

Digital X-rays are used to diagnose a wide range of injuries and illnesses. X-rays can tell us if you are experiencing a broken bone, fracture, sprain, joint damage, internal conditions causing pain, or if there is an infection present in your body such as pneumonia.