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If you are looking for urgent care to treat minor injuries or illnesses then visit PrimeHealth Urgent Care. We have convenient locations to serve you. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online!

PrimeHealth Urgent Care Near Me in Parrish, FL, and Bradenton, FL
PrimeHealth Urgent Care Near Me in Parrish, FL, and Bradenton, FL

Urgent care clinics are specialized healthcare centers that can handle non-life-threatening medical concerns, like cuts, burns, and minor symptoms of illness. When used properly, these clinics take unnecessary stress off of hospital ERs, allowing ERs to focus on more serious health issues. Urgent care clinics also reduce the total healthcare cost for both the patient and the practice, as these clinics offer more affordable care when treating the same condition.

Can I go to urgent care for chronic health issues?

Yes, patients can go to urgent care for chronic health issues; these clinics are designed to provide care in these situations, including the management of chronic conditions. However, the convenience and availability of urgent care clinics should not replace the need for care provided by a primary care physician. Primary care providers provide care on a regular basis, know their patients and have a comprehensive understanding of their patient’s health conditions, allowing them to provide a higher level of care. This also enables primary care physicians to provide better preventative care, helping their patients avoid common health concerns or treating them before they become more serious. In addition to this, primary care physicians also make sure immunizations are up-to-date, manage medications, and discuss health screenings like mammograms. While urgent care clinics can provide all of these services, they do not replace the importance of having a relationship with a primary care physician. Although it is strongly recommended to use these services when the doctor’s office is closed, urgent care clinics should only be used when necessary. In addition, patients who visit an urgent care clinic should update their primary care physician about the reason for the visit and any health issues that may still be present.

Can I use urgent care as primary care?

Urgent care clinics are typically staffed or operated by primary care physicians who have broad medical knowledge. In many cases, these health clinics provide primary care services like treatment for illnesses and health screenings. While urgent care doctors perform preventative medicine and treat chronic illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure, patients seeking treatment for a chronic condition that requires more than one doctor visit are recommended to visit their primary care physician rather than an urgent care facility.

Is urgent care and ER the same?

Urgent care and the ER have many important differences, and understanding these differences can enable better care across the entire healthcare industry. As the name would suggest, the emergency room (ER) is reserved for emergency medical situations like heart attack, stroke, and anaphylaxis. On the other hand, urgent care clinics are well-prepared to handle a wide range of pressing, but not life-threatening, health issues, such as a cut, burn, allergy symptoms, asthma, flu symptoms, and much more. While urgent care clinics can handle many different concerns, they are not a replacement for emergency departments and lack some of the equipment ERs need to function effectively. Some urgent care facilities have x-rays, but only ERs have computed radiography (CR) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

Can urgent care clinics perform surgeries?

No, urgent care clinics cannot perform surgeries, although some locations may be able to handle minor invasive procedures. For example, some urgent care clinics can perform foreign body removals, which is a process used to remove an object from someone’s body, typically their eye, nose, or ear.

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