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An Exclusive Membership Plan for Our Uninsured Patients

Priority Care is our exclusive membership-based patient program designed to help you save money and receive the best care possible. This exclusive membership plan allows patients with no health insurance the opportunity to manage healthcare costs by joining our Patient Priority plan and having a fixed monthly expense. With two plan options to choose from, you can select the plan that works with your budget without sacrificing quality care.
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DISCLAIMER: Prime Health Priority Care is available only to those currently not covered by any recognized health insurance provider. This is not an insurance plan. This is not an insurance plan that provides comprehensive healthcare coverage for the purpose of compliance with the affordable act and covers only the services listed in the membership agreement. Not all conditions are treated by the plan and at times additional medical care is required, exclusions do apply.

Our Membership Includes

  • Unlimited sick office visits ($150 in savings per visit)
  • Annual health exam including physical, lab work, urinalysis, VIP coordination of specialist care
  • Discounts on in-house diagnostic testing (X-Ray, EKG) and minor procedures

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