PrimeHealth Urgent Care Gives Back to Their Communities in Parrish, FL

We were given the opportunity to vaccinate residents in Palmetto. I would like to thank Shirley Pearson, Executive Director of the Mt Carmel Community Resource Center for letting us do this. I would also like to thank Esperanza Gamboa, Director of Outreach for MCR Health and JoOni J-Abnar, MHI-Safekeeper for also opening their doors so that we could vaccinate people at the Oneco United Methodist Church. This was made possible through Debbie DeLeon, Neighborhood Connections Division Manager of Manatee County, Kathleen Houseweart, Executive Director of We Care Manatee, Dr. James McCloud from Genesis Health & Dental. I also would like to send a special thanks to our good friend Natalia Cava, who put together a fantastic campaign bringing together organizations such as Unidos Now and the NAACP letting us vaccinate members of our hispanic community at the Friendship Village Clubhouse in Sarasota. The thanks extends to the leaders of these organizations: Trevor Harvey, Sarasota County Branch Area XI Director of the NAACP, Lisbeth Oscuvilca Rodriguez, Family Engagement Director from Unidos Now, Luz Corcuera, Executive Director of Unidos Now, Magdalena, Director of the Friendship Village Clubhouse; and Drs Washington Hill and Betsy Rodriguez. It was through these wonderful people that we were able to go out to the most vulnerable communities and contribute with our small grain of sand to end this pandemic. Thank you all for trusting in us! I also want to take the opportunity to thank my wife Sonia and my son Alfonso for their help as well as our friends Felipe Cava, Malu Préstamo, Gaby Palmer and my staff, Sofia Lopez, Dana Pierce, Jazmin Carlos, Gwen Smith, Doris Bethelmy, Kyle Gandy, Marionn-Ramdass Walker, Lorey Mayorga, Breeze Panchuk, Brionna Roberts, Norma Castro, Sarina Moran, and Shayna Verchio. Thank you for everything you do!