Asthma Treatment Questions and Answers

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Asthma Treatment Near Me in Parrish, FL
Asthma Treatment Near Me in Parrish, FL

How do people get asthma?

People who suffer from asthma have the reaction triggered by exposure to a variety of substances or irritants depending on their individual condition. The exact reason why some people suffer from asthma and others don’t isn’t known but it is suspected to be related to environmental and genetic factors. Every individual that suffers from asthma will have unique triggers, with these triggers causing a different reaction that ranges in severity. Some common triggers of asthma symptoms include pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, respiratory infections, physical activity, cold air, air pollutants and irritants, some medications, stress and strong emotions, and sulfites and preservatives found in some foods and beverages.

What is the main cause of asthma?

There isn’t one main cause of asthma, as asthma is unique to each person who suffers from it. Doctors also aren’t sure why some people have asthma symptoms and other people don’t, but it is believed it can be related to their genetic makeup and environmental factors. Within that, asthma sufferers also each have their own unique triggers that cause their asthma symptoms, as well as different reactions than other people who may have the same triggers. Asthma and allergies can sometimes go hand in hand, with an allergic reaction to an allergen causing asthmatic symptoms. Allergens that can cause an asthmatic reaction include pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, air pollutants and irritants such as smoke and pollution, some types of medications and preservatives and sulfites that are found in some foods and beverages. Additional triggers for asthma symptoms include physical activity, respiratory infections, cold air, strong emotions and stress and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Can asthma be cured?

Asthma does not have a cure, however with proper care and treatment, serious asthma attacks can be avoided, and symptoms can be easily managed. The first step in asthma treatment is to determine the triggers. Once these have been figured out, a plan can be put in place to avoid them as much as possible and to have a back-up option if they can’t be avoided and asthma symptoms appear. Medication options exist for asthma sufferers, both in a long-term control form as a preventive treatment and in a rescue form to be used in the event of an asthma attack to provide short-term, rapid relief of symptoms. If your asthma is caused by allergies, allergy medications, including allergy shots, can also be used as a preventive treatment. Your asthma treatment plan will need to evolve over time to ensure that you are always covered with the right treatment when you need it, should an asthma attack happen.

What should I avoid if I have asthma?

Ideally asthma sufferers should avoid the triggers that cause them to experience asthma symptoms. This can sometimes be easier said than done, especially with triggers such as a respiratory infection, cold air and physical activity, as well as many airborne triggers. Asthma management can be done with help from your doctor who will assist with identifying triggers and providing you with a preventative treatment plan, as well as a reactive treatment option for when you simply can’t avoid a trigger or you come into contact with one accidentally. If your current treatment isn’t as effective as it once was, or has stopped working completely, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss alternative options.

How is asthma treated? 

Asthma is treated using preventive and reactive measures, depending on the triggers that bring on your attacks or symptoms and the severity of the symptoms. Preventive measures start with identifying and recognizing your triggers in order to avoid them and monitoring your breathing when exposed to check on the effectiveness of your medications. A daily medication can be used to control asthma on a daily basis and reduce the chances of an asthma attack. These can be taken either as an oral pill or through the use of an inhaler. Reactive medications are typically found in the form of an inhaler in order to quickly open the airways and relieve symptoms. In severe asthma attacks, oral and intravenous options are available. PrimeHealth Urgent Care is here to help treat asthma and you can book an appointment to learn more about the treatments we offer. We are open 7 days a week and we are accepting new patients. We serve patients from Parrish FL, Ellenton FL, Bradenton FL, Palmetto FL, Lakewood Ranch FL, Sarasota FL, Sun City FL, and Wimauma FL. Looking forward to serve you!

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